webSamplr 2.0: Sample/loop the web in Ableton Live

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Discontinued and has compatibility errors. Freely available on my GitHub page if you want to contribute/fork the project.

Tired of downloading, organizing and loading sample packs into your DAW? Music is all about the flow. This is my Max For Live solution to the sampling workflow problem. Click for a detailed setup tutorial.

webSamplr 2.0 is an instant real-time sampler/looper that samples anything from the web into Ableton Live. (using external audio-routing software)

The plugin was written for artists, producers and indie movie scorers to setup an easy-to-use live sampling workflow. 


Future updates:

  • VST/ cross platform devices
  • beat/tempo detection 
  • named sample storage in Ableton Live session naming

Read more about the setup before usage on my blog. If this didn't work for you, contact me. I am quick and flexible on support/returns.

Sample any sound on the internet, but hey, be sure to clear the sample!

DisclaimerwebSamplr 2.0 has an external routing dependency in terms of soundflower (Mac) or audio jack (Win). 

Thank you for your support. Cheers, samplers!

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webSamplr: M4L Device

Audio routing software


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webSamplr 2.0: Sample/loop the web in Ableton Live

13 ratings
I want this!